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Streaming your iTunes library, improved

The recent post on TUAW about streaming your iTunes library over the internet inspired me to stop using SimplifyMedia and to roll my own solution. The downside was that I found that the software TUAW linked to did not consistantly work. Worse was that the Mac specific version of the application did not work on Leopard.

I compiled a fresh version of the application that works on Leopard. Its much nicer than the generic Java version. When you run it you’ll notice a new icon in your menu bar.

Click on it and you will be able to set up the hosts as they describe in the directions at TUAW.

Download RendezvousProxy for Mac.

Dealing with long tracks in iTunes

This is apparently really old news however it was news to me a few days ago.

iTunes 7+ has an option for tracks to “remember playback position”. This feature is pretty handy for those 30 minute long progressive rock tracks and also for things like MIT’s OpenCourseWare.

It can be set in the Info for any item in iTunes. Right click on any item in iTunes and click Get Info or ⌘+i on a Mac. Under the Options tab in the Info box that shows you’ll find the Remember playback position option.