Entries from January, 2014

Changing the menu music on the XXX-in-1 JAMMA boards

To change the music on the XXX-in-1 JAMMA boards. You need a replacement mp3 file. For mine I used some chiptunes to keep with the theme.

  1. Get your SD card(or copy of your SD card) off the board.
  2. Mount the third partition on your machine. The file system format is ext2, this can easily be done on any Linux machine. It is possible with Mac OS and Windows but it requires a bit more effort.
  3. On the mounted partition replace the /usr/xrun/bg.mp3 file with the replacement mp3 file you’ve prepared.

This process has been tested with the vertical 276 in 1 and 355 in 1 boards.

While you’re in the /usr/xrun directory you’ll notice some other interesting files:

  • Images for the menu system
  • Sound effects (in .wav format) for coin, and menu movement
  • Config files for the menu system