Cracking the 276 in 1 JAMMA board

Many of the emulators on the 276 in 1 board have checks to make sure the configuration hasn’t changed. These checks attempt to reboot the board and exit the binary. This is unhelpful if you are trying to swap out the roms/games on this board.

I’ve started to disassemble and patch the emulator binaries to remove these checks from them. I’ll post them here as I finish them. These all live on the second partition of the sd card in the location I specify.

276 in 1 binaries

clsemuv – This is the default emulator on the 276 in 1 and it did have a check.
xemu – This is emu1 in the games.conf file and is used for many games. It does not have a check so I have not patched or uploaded it.
cemu/cemu – This is emu2 in the games.conf file and is only used for a handful of games.

412 in 1 binaries

xemu – still unprotected(but different than the 276 version)
xrunmv – Game launcher menu – It *seems* that this is all that is actually required to be able to play any game you want. Start with this and swap out the other binaries as you decide you need to.

355 in 1 binaries


Please note that the provision of these binaries is sole for you to run roms which you are legally entitled to. This is not intended for piracy.

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