Permanently prevent OS X Mail from inserting attachments at the end of emails

OS X Mail defaults to including all attachments at the end of emails.  While useful for some file types (ZIP archives, programs, etc.), I still prefer that images be embedded exactly where I paste them in a message.

This insert-at-the-end behaviour can be disabled by unchecking an option in the Edit/Attachments menu:

Unfortunately, the option always reverts to being checked again for subsequent emails, with no obvious way to disable this behaviour permanently.  As it turns out, the solution is simple:

If you disable this option while editing an email, it will remain disabled for that message only. If you disable this option from the main window, it will remain disabled for all future messages.

Tangentially, the option to “Send Windows-Friendly Attachments” can only be toggled when you are not editing an email.  When you have a message screen open, the option is greyed out.

These options seem like perfect candidates for Mail’s Preferences menu.  Why they exist solely as menu options and why they behave this way remains a mystery to me.

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  1. William Shapiro said…

    Written on Thu, Aug 30, 2012 at 5:47am · Link

    When sending attachments in a Windows environment they are imbedded as an icon, which will be clicked to be opened by the received.

    In OS X Mail , the document is always opened in full size in the body of the sent email. Can this be set up like Windows to show only the icon. What does the receiver get?



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