Quitting Terminal app in Lion when the last console session ends

Lion’s Terminal app and its tabbed full-screen mode is a huge improvement for me. One thing that became a minor annoyance, however, is Terminal’s failure to quit when the last console session ends: Cmd-Q is still required to quit the app completely.

The workaround I chose takes advantage of existing muscle memory.  I had already configured an alias for exit, allowing me to type x to end a console session.

To solve the Terminal app problem, I repurposed x as a function in my ~/.bash_profile:
function x {
[ "$(w -h | grep "^$(whoami) *s[^ ]* *-"|wc -l)" -le 1 ] && osascript -e 'tell application "Terminal" to quit' || exit

The function checks for the number of active console sessions. When x is called and only one session remains, osascript is invoked to quit the Terminal app completely.

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